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A Series Introduction of Lab Accessories--Lab fume extractor, pegboard

A Series Introduction of Lab Accessories--Lab fume extractor, pegboard

Lab fume extractor

Structures of fume extractor:

(1)Parts and fine workmanship is exquisite, corrosion-resistant, solid and highflexibility. 
Joints, cover his behavior doesn't occur, according to userrequirement to locate directions to meet user needs.
(2)Choose PP material of high density high density rubber joint sealing of jointsand anti-aging, easy to disassemble, restructuring and cleaning.
(3)Unique 360°rotary device
(4)New exhaust hood telescopic tube using PP material extruded from, with anything else on the market compared to the exhaust hood is made from PVC parts, bettercorrosion resistance.
(5)Mounting base for high density PVC material, by injection molding, non-adhesive,and fastness, no detachment.
(6)Wall stainless steel pedestal at each interface appearance without weldingpoints, 
all welds are hidden inside, and the appearance is exquisite. 
Bracketmaterial thick and installation more convenient and high smoothness ofappearance 
after installation, smooth smooth, easy deformation.


Lab pegboard
Pegboard is commonly used in laboratories as a tool to drain water in the teast tubes.
With acid, corronsion-resistant characteristics. It has different sizes, 27 holes, 52 holes, or even 104 holes.
It is removable drip bar, convenient combination, there is a drain hole in the bottom.
Common color is black or gray.