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How to buy laboratory furniture
 How to buy laboratory furniture 
  Overall, laboratory furniture is divided into several categories: 
An experimental platform: including Central Experimental Taiwan, while Taiwan bench, space platforms, equipment units, temperature units, clean bench, stainless steel units, etc. 
2, the experimental cabinet: including laboratory with file cabinets, slide cabinets, counter, reagent cabinets, cylinder cabinets, medicine cabinets, cabinets and other samples; 
3, fume hoods, including table fume hood, detoxification cabinets, fume hoods and other floor type. In the purchase of laboratory furniture, the general depends on several points: 1) the reasonableness of the laboratory furniture design: furniture dimensions, specifications are able to meet the requirements of their company, the structure is reasonable, whether the design specification; 2) laboratory furniture practicality: if practical, if durable, whether bearing, is it possible to meet the standards; 3) laboratory furniture humanity: the design is convenient to give the laboratory staff, whether simplified; 3) laboratory furniture material: different the materials have different characteristics, whether they have their specialties; 4) laboratory furniture: water, electric installation and configuration, the realization of other operating functions and so on. laboratory furniture and fume hoods are laboratory important detoxification cabinet configuration, should not only have an excellent use of functions, in line with industry standards, should also have a beautiful appearance and harmonious colors, green energy, in order to improve the indoor environment, reflecting the characteristics of the times , and the era of convergence 
  Experience for reference only, if you need to solve specific problems (especially in the field of law, medicine, etc.), we recommend that you consult professionals in related fields in detail.