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How to buy laboratory furniture
 laboratory furniture in general is divided into several categories:

1, lab bench: includes central bench, wall bench, blance table, instrument bench, high-temperature bench, clean bench, stainless steel lab bench, etc.

2, Storage cabinet: including laboratory file cabinet, slide cabinet, utensils, counters cabinet, reagents storage cabinets, cylinder cabinets, medicine cabinets, sample abinet;

3, fume hood, including standard fume hood, Walk in fume hood, bench top fume hood, etc.

 When we buy laboratory furniture, generally depends on several points: 1) the reasonableness of the laboratory furniture design: furniture, dimensions, specifications can meet your company's requirements, the structure is reasonable, whether the design specifications; 2) laboratory furniture practicality: whether practical, is durable, whether the load, whether it can meet the standard; 3) laboratory furniture humane: the design is to give laboratory staff to provide convenient, whether simplified; 3) laboratory furniture material: Different materials have different characteristics, the availability of its characteristics; 4) laboratory furniture: water electrical installation configurations, other operating functions realization.

laboratory furniture and fume hood are laboratory detox important configuration, not only has excellent features, in line with industry standards, should also have a beautiful appearance and harmonious colors, green energy, in order to improve the indoor environment, reflecting the characteristics of the times , and the era of convergence.