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How to design school computer lab furniture
How to design school computer lab furniture

The computer teaching network information computer room constructed by our company for one school can be used by 50 (adjustable) students. The overall design of the computer room system will be based on the principles of overall planning and distributed implementation, which fully reflects the technological advancement of the system, high security and reliability, and has good openness and scalability. In the interest of the school, we use construction funds reasonably to make the system economically viable.

Available funds:

Number of computers: 60 student machines + 1 teacher machine III. Selection and quotation of main equipment

The main equipment is computers, switches, cabinets, tables, chairs and benches. We provide five-year warranty and two-year on-site service. The equipment configuration list is as follows:

Equipment layout in the computer room

1.Computer lab furniture placement

2. Switch erection

3. Network layout

Use twisted pair cable and crystal head to make 64 network cables, and use a monitor to check. Use star network structure, network cables to ground, and use peer-to-peer working mode for networking. It is easier to manage and maintain.


First install the following common teaching software in student and teacher computers:
Using the installed student computer as the source, the network replication system is implemented, and the same system and software are installed on other student computers. Next, according to the geographical location, manually label the 60 student computers, and then manually set the computer names and IP addresses of the 60 student computers. The IP address range is from to Finally, set the IP address of the teacher computer to