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Lab furniture design for water & waste water laboratory
   Lab furniture design for water & waste water laboratory

    Tap water, the source water comes from rivers, and is sent to the residents' homes by the water supply pipe network after treatment by filtering and disinfection in the water plant. Tap water is best not to drink directly, but it is relatively pure.

    Sewage is divided into domestic sewage, industrial sewage, and agricultural sewage. As the name suggests, it is used tap water, which may be surplus in life, it may be wastewater after industrial production, or it may be water after agricultural irrigation. The sewage treatment plant is then discharged into the river.
In comparison, tap water has much less harmful substances, less bacteria and viruses, and better water color and odor.

     Rivers (source water)-waterworks (tap water)-residential use (domestic sewage)-sewage treatment plants (treated sewage)-discharged into rivers.

     The existence of a water supply plant is a strong guarantee for the health of sanitary and industrial water in a city. The purification of tap water needs to go through multiple processes. These processes can be successfully used for water purification, thanks to the existence of a water treatment laboratory.

     Above the construction projects of the water treatment laboratory are professionally designed and built by the well-known laboratory planning and design company Cartmay Industrial.

    The tap water we use every day is treated, purified and disinfected by a tap water plant and produced in accordance with national drinking water standards for people's living and production. The raw water is mainly used to draw rivers, lakes, groundwater, and surface water through the wrong water pump. According to the requirements of 89 tap water quality inspection projects, the users of the water plant have designed sampling rooms, microbe rooms, atomic fluorescence rooms, plasma emission spectrum rooms, Physical and chemical inspection room, large instrument room, and other large laboratories, as well as multiple subdivision laboratories.
     In the selection of laboratory furniture and equipment, you can choose the CARTMAY brand laboratory furniture equipment, including all-steel laboratory benches, central laboratory benches, instrument benches, ventilation cabinets, sample storage cabinets, data cabinets, acid and alkali cabinets, gas cylinder cabinets, etc. A series of laboratory furniture. The design of the laboratory is a systematic project. CARTMAY is a water treatment laboratory from the perspective of professional technology and industry. After its completion, it successfully passed the certification of the water treatment laboratory.