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New Hospital and Clinic Laboratory Furniture project in UAE
 Hospital and Clinic laboratory furniture project in UAE
In most Hospitals or Clinics, laboratory furniture can be used in below rooms.
1, Core lab
2, Hematology Lab
3, Chemistry Lab
4, Immunology Lab
5, Microbiology Lab
6, Sample Receiving Room
7, Clean Room
8, Storage Area
9, Extraction Room
10, Amplification Room
11, Pre Analysis Lab
12, Processing lab
New Hospital and Clinic Laboratory Furniture project in UAE
Hospital and Clinic laboratory furniture Solutions in UAE
Our hospital laboratory solutions are built to a high standard which incorporates the CARTMAY standard where necessary. Available in a variety of material such as Melamine, Laminate, Steel, Polypropylene, Phenolic resin,Trespa and Stainless Steel.
Laboratory Furniture Solutions for Hospitals and Clinics

Worktop Solutions for Hospital, Clinic, Healthcare
We work with a number of laboratory worktop materials, including:
Trespa Toblab Base or Trespa Toblab PLUS
Velstone Solid Surface
Lab20 Solid Surface
Stainless Steel
Not sure which worktop will best suit your requirements? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team members are ready and waiting to help.