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Operating procedures and precautions biological safety cabinet
 Operating procedures and precautions biological safety cabinet
1, all the items before operating this operation should be moved to the required safety cabinet to avoid
Frequent arms through the air curtain damage airflow; and moved in front with 70% alcohol wipe surface sterilized to remove contamination.
2, open the fan 5 to 10 minutes until the inside air purification and gas flow stabilizes before experimental manipulation. Your arms slowly inserted into the security cabinet, still at least 1 minute to stabilize the airflow cabinet after the operation.
3, security cabinet and hold this experiment unrelated items. Items should be placed inside the cabinet to do the clean area, semi-polluted and polluted substantially separated during operation and convenient access to goods, and no crossing between the three areas. Items should be placed rearward, but not block the air crossing, so as not to interfere with proper air flow. 4, the operation should be carried out as from contaminated areas to clean areas, in order to avoid cross-contamination. To prevent possible splashing droplets can spread a disinfectant-soaked gauze or towel on the table, but can not cover the security cabinet grille. 5, during operation of the cabinet, do not use alcohol lamp and other open flames to avoid the heat generated by the air flow generation, stable airflow interference cabinet; and the fire could damage the HEPA filter.
6, to minimize personnel walking behind the door, and fast switching operation in order to prevent security cabinet airflow instability.
7, in the experimental operation, do not open the glass window above the work should ensure that operators face in the window. When operating in the cabinet action should be gentle, soothing, prevent the impact of cabinet airflow.
8, the cabinet should be regular inspection and maintenance to ensure proper operation. Once the work of the cabinet is not working, should immediately stop work, take appropriate action, and notify the relevant personnel.
9. After completion of work, close the windows to keep the fan continues to run 10 to 15 minutes, and turn on the UV light irradiation for 30 minutes.
10, the cabinet should be regularly cleaned and disinfected, the cabinet table is complete and the pollutants can wipe the UV lamp with 2% of the 84 disinfectant after disinfection work. The outer surface of the cabinet should be wiped daily with 1% of the 84 disinfectant.
11, items used in the cabinet should be disinfected before removing to prevent pathogenic microorganisms out and pollute the environment.
Biological safety cabinets Note:
Slow-moving principle: In order to avoid affecting the normal state of the air duct, cabinet operation should try to gently move the hand.
Items placed in parallel principle: In order to avoid cross-contamination between produce goods and items, items placed in the cabinet should try transversely word swing, to avoid cross-contamination during the return air. While avoiding clogging the back of the return air grille affect the normal air passage.
Avoid shock principle: the cabinet to avoid vibration instrument (such as a centrifuge, Vortex, etc.) used as the shock will make accumulates particulate matter on the filter and shake off, resulting in reduced operating room interior cleanliness, and if the before operating surface can also cause balance failure safety cabinet operator pollution.
Different samples inside the mobile principle: two kinds of cabinet and more items you need to move, be sure to follow the low-polluting goods to high-polluting goods movement principle, to avoid contamination of produce items high in a large area inside the cabinet during the move Pollution. Use fire principle: the cabinet Do not use open flames. Because the fine particles of impurities generated in the course of fire will be brought into the area of ​​the membrane, these elevated temperatures can damage the filter impurities. Unable to avoid the need to use a certain time, use a low flame of a Bunsen burner.