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Out of the misunderstanding of laboratory construction
Out of the misunderstanding of laboratory construction

Experimental building is a combination of more than a dozen professional subsystems, and jointly build a large system and a large environment, it is not just a simple combination of construction, equipment and furniture. Before the design and construction of the experimental building, it is necessary to complete the research, planning and design work of the laboratory.

At present, there is a common phenomenon in the domestic laboratory construction, that is, in the absence of a comprehensive, detailed design of the laboratory, the civil engineering design and construction, which brings a system problem. For example: (1) the construction module does not meet the requirements; (2) the roof of the building and the special requirements of the local floor bearing and seismic indicators can not meet the needs of equipment; (3) the building of professional exhaust shaft, electric well, to meet the location and size of the wells and gas wells and can not be professional construction requirements; (4) building distribution load is not enough; (5) the building has not been set up independent laboratory drainage pipe network, or the location, quantity does not meet the requirements, as well as the construction of waste water control pool; 6) did not consider the laboratory air, clean air and fresh air into the laboratory temperature and humidity position; (7) because it has not taken into account, the introduction of equipment placement is not ideal, or supporting water, electricity, gas is not in place. These problems for the late stage of laboratory construction, and to a certain extent, increased the project cost, delay the project duration, the impact of the expected results.

In fact, building construction is only the realization of the functional requirements of the laboratory carrier, loading is the experimental furniture and equipment, services in the laboratory of professional and personalized needs. Therefore, prior to the civil engineering planning and design, it is first necessary to formulate the overall planning of the laboratory and to determine the laboratory construction, tasks, basis and scale determined the function of laboratory, process condition and the size determined short - and long-term needs of instrument and equipment, and supporting environmental requirements. In all aspects of the work is ready, the basic requirements of the professional, balanced, and then proceed to the civil engineering design and construction, from the source to avoid the mistake, subsequent laboratory construction to do of" success will come when conditions are ripe".