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Proposals for hospital laboratory planning and design
       With the rapid development of science and technology, modern laboratory planning and design is mainly carried out according to GLP requirements, and strive to meet the modern enterprises ISO9000, ISO14000 and GMP quality system certification requirements. Planning concept should meet the using space reasonably, humanity and safety requirements.
Jiangsu Cartmay industrial especially since established, is combined with the advanced level, and constantly provide customers with a modern laboratory. Planning , design and production installations are all get to the advanced level. We have more deep understanding to examining and pathology laboratory in hospital.:
There are four specialized laboratories, like immunological laboratory room, biochemistry, rummage room and bacteria room. Their main work is to offer clinical testing, clinical biochemical, immunological and clinical microbiology clinical examination for clinical patients. The business scope of the clinical laboratory: three conventional (blood, urine, feces), blood coagulation test, morphological examination of bone marrow cells, ABO blood group identification, cerebrospinal fluid, and chest, ascites routine examination, eosinophil counting and occult blood testing. The business scope of the immune Room: hepatitis B 5, hepatitis C antibody, HIV antibody, syphilis, HIV, urine pregnancy test. The business  scope of biochemistry laboratory: biochemical series, liver, kidney, plasma, blood glucose, blood lipids, enzymes and so on. Bacterial room business: culture and identification of bacteria and drug sensitivity.
Pathology, mainly through biopsy, autopsy and cytology make the diagnosis for pathology of diseases. Pathology projects is carried out pathological examination, cytology smears, Group of immune, intro-operative frozen section, the outer sections etc. five items, diagnosis with the characteristics of organized: can observe and diagnose surgical specimens, the superficial part of tumor removal specimens, endoscopic forceps specimens, gynecologic endoscopic forceps specimens . Sample drawn: taking strictly in accordance with specifications derived tumors, all-round observation, sampling more blocks, and to observe and sampling the junction of tumor , normal tissue areas and the cut and end of the lymph to confirm the invasive tumor whether the complete removal and lymph node metastasis, etc., As far as possible to provide detailed clinical, pathological specific information to benefit further treatment and prognosis for patients. Cytological diagnosis: to observe and diagnose the bronchoscopy brushing smears and the biopsy site of the sputum, urine, pleural water, nipple discharge. Group of immune: carry out dozens of Group of immune, is mainly used for the source identification for soft tissue tumors of the organizations, diagnosis and classification of lymphoma, early diagnosis and differential diagnosis of cancer, breast cancer, estrogen and progesterone-dependent determination and prognosis, endometrial cancer, estrogen and progesterone-dependent determination of a variety of tissues, organs, tumors and tumor-like lesions and other identification. Rapid intro-operative pathological diagnosis: For the specimens needs to be done the surgical pathology diagnosis, to provide the most rapid pathological diagnosis in 10~15 minutes to guide surgical decision surgeon.
Compared to examining apartment, pathology laboratory requests to be higher, mainly the ventilation, because the pathologist work environment is different, Our company is good at ventilation design, in order to ensure the ventilation effect and energy conservation, our company's conversion technology have got a very high level.
Trough our planning and design concept and content of the work on the lab's understanding of modern laboratory, we obtain a wide range of recognition, such as Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University city (with design as a reference) used in our design and products, and we get the customer satisfaction!
** The hospital make a great contribution for the health of the people! Our company will contribute for the construction and development of hospital laboratory, and it will be a great honor to our company!