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Table Top Options

Lab Worktops. Table tops option

Chemical Laminate- a high pressure laminate that is an economical solution for chemcial ressistance within the lab environment. colors include black, grey. blue ect.

Phenolic Resin- which is based on thermosetting resins, hamogeneoursly reinforced with wood based fibers and manufactured under high pressure and at high temperatures. This process ensures that each panel is pore free and resistant to a large number of aggressive chemicals, easy to clean, disinfect and maintain.The surface is impermeable tp bacteria. molds or micro-organisms water-resistant. 

Epoxy Resin-Countertops made of epoxy resin are a very popular choice in today's laboratory. They resist moisture. solvents, heat, acid and abrasions.

Stainless Steel- stainless steel worktops are well-suited to radioactive and bacteriological work, as well as laboratory work involving use of organic solvents, Stainless steel worktops come in a variety of grades and finishing.

We offer desin versatility, functionality and durability, Ssupplied in sheets and shapes, it can be fabricated with conventional wooworking tools into virtually and design.