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The fourth year for being member of SEFA LABS
            With honor to tell that we have been being the member of SEFA LABS the fourth years.

The Products list you can buy from the members of SEFA LABS:
Fume Hoods
ADA Accessible Hoods
Bench Mounted
Floor Mounted
Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods
Radio Isotope Fume Hoods
Laboratory Apparatus and Equipment
Glassware Washers
Refrigerators and Freezers (under counter)
Rod and Lattice Bar Assemblies
Steam Baths
Laboratory Casework / Furniture
High Pressure Laminate - Adaptable
High Pressure Laminate - Standard Fixed
Painted Steel - Adaptable
Painted Steel - Standard Fixed
Phenolic - Adaptable
Phenolic - Standard Fixed
Polymer-Based Flexible
Polymer-Based Standard Fixed
Polypropylene - Standard Fixed
Stainless Steel - Adaptable
Stainless Steel - Standard Fixed
Wood - Adaptable
Wood - Standard Fixed
Laboratory Fittings and Plumbing Fixtures
Acid Waste Piping Systems
Electrical Fittings, Raceways and Data
Gas, Air, Vacuum, Specialty Gases and Steam Service
Purified Water Faucets
Safety Showers and Eyewashes
Vandal Resistant Faucets and Fittings
Water Faucets and Fittings
Epoxy Resin
Stainless Steel
Special Purpose
ADA Work Stations
Corosive (Acid) Storage
Flammable Liquid Storage
Material and Instrument Carts
Mobile Storage
Modular Shelving
Reagent Storage Shelving
Safety and Goggle Storage
Vented Storage
Vented Enclosures / Vented Devices
Bio-Safety Cabinets
Canopy Hoods
Ductless Hoods
Glove Boxes
Instructional/Demonstration Hoods
Laminar Flow Hoods
Snorkles (Fume Extractor)
Vented Storage
Work Surfaces
Composite Resin
Edge Grain Hardwood
Epoxy Resin
Fiber Cement
High Pressure Plastic Laminate
Impregnated Natural Sandstone
Phenolic Composite
Stainless Steel
Welded Fiber