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The laboratory design and planning

The laboratory design and planning

The overall working environment of the laboratory is different from the ordinary office environment, it has a higher technical level requirements, and different areas of the laboratory has different needs, the difference is sometimes large.

Laboratory design concept:
Laboratory test rig, the cabinet laboratory furniture should conform to the international standards and environmental protection requirements, material should have good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning features, the structure should be in line with ergonomic and safe operation, can effectively improve the work efficiency of the operator.
Provisions should not adopt the laboratory wall surface attached small, easy to clean, separated by flexible building materials; ground laboratory should use corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, easy washing and other building materials, building fireproof rank is lower than that of the second level, fire fighting facilities shall comply with the relevant national architectural design specification. Laboratory in the basin, the water pipe should be resistant, acid, alkali and organic solvent, and take measures to prevent clogging, anti leakage measures. With clean degree, temperature and humidity, pressure gradient requirements of different functions of the laboratory, the independent air supply and return air and exhaust system. The fume hood exhaust system should be set up independently, not common duct, but also be able to borrow from fire Wind proof road.

Design of standard laboratory:

1.  the central experiment platform is set in the center of the laboratory, and the washing table is usually arranged on the longitudinal side of the central experiment table, and a reagent rack is arranged on the platform;
2. on the right side of the window to set up experimental bench, side table, side table platform, reagent shelf, cabinet;
3. right by the door set ventilation cabinet, experimental units, washing, drying rack, medicine cabinets, lockers (the location of the fume hood should be easy ventilation pipe connection).
4. the door of the left and right side are usually placed security equipment, emergency shower, eye wash, fire extinguishers, etc.;
5. left by the door and set the ventilation cabinet, experiment table, side table reagent rack, washing table, cabinet, placement of large apparatus and equipment;
6. the left side of the window set side table, the experimental platform, side table reagent rack, placement of large equipment and equipment;
7. the window of the space under the window can be set to the edge of the table, the experimental platform, the instrument Taiwan, the operation of good vision.