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The world famous Laboratory
The world famous Laboratory

Laboratory is the cradle of science, scientific research base, plays a very important role in the development of science and technology. To enjoy high reputation in the international famous laboratory more has been hailed as the Mecca of the scientific research in the field, is a science and technology workers aspire and follow the local. The laboratory often represent the frontier of the world's highest level, was born a large number of Nobel Prize winner and epochal significance of achievement of innovation of science and technology, is an important place for carrying out high-level academic exchanges.
The first is the establishment of laboratory in University, attached to the university or university laboratory hosted by
(1) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, belonging to the US Department of energy, is a 1939 Nobel physics prize winner Ernest. Orlando. Mr. Lawrence was established in 1931. The lab since the establishment of the trained a total of five Nobel physics prize winner and four Nobel Chemistry Prize winner. Is especially noteworthy, at present laboratory director is Mr. Chu, he is very few as one of the Chinese led by the U. S. national academic institutions.
(2) Lincoln Laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, its predecessor is to develop radar's radiation laboratory. The laboratory is federally funded research center. Its basic mission is to high-tech applications to national security issues at stake, is the American university the first large-scale, cross discipline, multifunctional technology research and development laboratory.
(3) Los Alamos National Laboratory, it was established in 1943, to develop the world's first atomic bomb and famous in the world, is a well deserved Science City and high-tech radiation source.
Second types of laboratory, which belongs to the national institutions, and even some international institutions, CO sponsored by several countries
They are mostly engaged in basic measurement, sophisticated project research, super large, and national defense military tasks such as: The German federal study of Technical Physics, The UK's National Physical Laboratory and The Swiss Paul Scheele Institute.
Third types of laboratory, directly attributable to the departments of industrial enterprises, for the research and development of service industry and technology, among which the most famous are the Baer lab laboratory and IBM research.