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fume cupboards safety points & technical Data
Tech- Date of fume hood
-19mm chemical resistant epoxy resin top.
-Body completely made of 1.2mm thick epoxy powder coated cold rolled steel sheet
-Including tempered glass doors open vertical and horizontal positions, including Gas, water top. electrical sockets water proof system
-drip cup sink
-airflow monitor included  control
-including under bench acid/base cabinets. motor fan and ducts. seven speed contro. automated sash. soundless.


1. Ensure that exhaust fan is working
2.Keep the sash as low as possible while working
3.keep at least 20 cm clearance from the edge of the fume cupboard
4. Never put your head inside the hood
5.Keep only necessary material for the current experiment inside the fume cupboard
6. Clean up work surface after you finished experiment
7. Close all gas stopcocks, turn off the electrcity and close the sash
8. Do not use the fume hood as storage cabinet